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Respire Sleep Strips
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Respire Nose Strips
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3 x 30 Nose Strips
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Breathe Better, Live Better
10 Reasons to Quit Mouth Breathing – with Respire Sleep Strips
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Did you know that 61% of American adults are mouth breathers?

This often-overlooked issue can impact not only your sleep quality but also your health and even your facial appearance.

Respire, is here to change that.

This exciting new solution is already loved by thousands, with some customers even calling it a "necessary part of my bedtime routine, just like brushing my teeth and taking a shower."

Here are ten reasons why you should consider giving Respire a try:

Snore No More: Breathe Right, Sleep Tight
The root cause of snoring is often mouth breathing. Respire Sleep Strips gently guide your breathing through the nose, reducing snoring and promoting a more peaceful sleep. Experience sleep the way your body was designed to.
star ratings
"I was skeptical, but now I'm a believer! My partner says I snore less, and I wake up feeling refreshed. Respire is a staple in our bedroom now." – Mark D.
Energize Your Day: Unlock The Power of Oxygen
Switching to nose breathing with Respire Sleep Strips can increase your oxygen intake by up to 20%, reducing the symptoms of dry mouth and throat. This allows for deeper, more revitalizing sleep that leaves you energized and ready to seize the day!
star ratings
"These strips have transformed my mornings! No more dry mouth, and I wake up feeling genuinely rested. I'm more productive at work and have more energy to play with my kids. Respire has been a game-changer!" – Alice S.D.
Look Great, Feel Great: The Secret of Facial Fitness
Respire Sleep Strips can actually contribute to a more defined facial structure. By promoting proper tongue and throat alignment, they subtly enhance your face over time.
star ratings
"I was surprised to notice a subtle change in my facial structure after using Respire Sleep Strips. Never felt more confident!" - Natalie P.
Fresh Mornings: Say Goodbye to Bad Breath
Embrace your mornings with a smile (and a kiss?). Respire Sleep Strips promote nose breathing which helps combat dry mouth – the leading cause of morning breath. Say goodbye to bad breath and hello to a fresher start to your day.
star ratings
"Works like a dream. No more dry mouth, and my breath stays fresh." - David J.
Lip and Beard Friendly - No Compromise!
Respire's custom-engineered adhesive is both secure and gentle, perfect for both men and women. It sticks securely but peels off effortlessly in the morning, ensuring your comfort isn't compromised.
star ratings
"With my beard, I had my reservations, but they work flawlessly and remove without a trace in the morning. My girlfriend loves them too!" – Ahmed N.
Backed by Science, Approved by Athletes
Respire Sleep Strips draw from the 'mouth taping' method, a favorite among athletes and biohackers, to promote nose breathing and maintain optimal blood oxygen levels during sleep. This isn't just a good idea - it's science-backed.
star ratings
"As MD, I was intrigued by the science behind Respire Sleep Strips. After using them for a month, the results are mind-blowing. My sleep tracking app shows a significant improvement in my sleep quality." – Kate L.
Customer Results
82% of members
had less sleep disruptions
76% of members
felt more energized in the morning
87% of members
report improved quality of life within 3 months of use
Naturally Filter Your Air To Strengthen Your Immunity
Nose breathing naturally filters and warms the air you breathe, strengthening your immunity and protecting against allergens and pathogens. Fortify your body's defense line with Respire Sleep Strips.
star ratings
"I was constantly catching colds, but since using Respire, I haven't been sick once! These strips have truly supercharged my immune system." – Phil T.
The Stylish Alternative to Bulky Sleep Gear
Say goodbye to bulky sleep gear that makes you look like a sci-fi extra. Respire offers a sleek, minimalistic alternative that ensures your nighttime comfort without making you look awkward.
star ratings
"My partner used to tease me about my sleep gear making me look like a cyborg. Thanks to Respire Sleep Strips, I get the sleep I need without the jokes!" - Rob S.
Elevate Your Life, One Breath at a Time
By tackling the root cause of disrupted sleep - improper breathing - Respire Sleep Strips initiate a cycle of benefits that keeps getting better. You can expect elevated mood, boundless energy, and sharp cognition - all increasing over time.
star ratings
"My sleep has improved significantly, and it's not just that. I've also noticed a boost in my focus and energy during the day. Respire Sleep Strips have truly improved my overall quality of life." - Tim W.
A Risk-Free Path to a Better You
Still unsure? Respire offers a risk-free, 30-day trial. Experience the transformative effects of Respire Sleep Strips for yourself. Fall in love with them, or receive a full refund!
Here's What Satisfied Respire Sleep Strips Customers Had To Say:
verified stars
Goodbye Snoring, Hello Perfect Sleep!
I used to be the snoring champion in my household, but Respire Sleep Strips have changed the game for me! My partner couldn't be happier with the reduction in my snoring, and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. These strips are a sleep-saver!
Jenny S.
verified buyer
verified stars
I'm sleeping on a WHOLE new level!
At first I felt pretty silly wearing these to bed, and they definitely took some getting used to. But after a couple nights I couldn't go without them. My Whoop band has been tracking my sleep and on average i'm hitting REM sleep earlier in the night and staying in it for longer, and I can really feel it in my day to day.
Gwynn h.
verified buyer
verified stars
Respire makes a night and day difference...
I never thought I would say this, but I'm actually addicted to these strips. I sleep with a mouth and nose strip every night, and actually use another nose strip during the day when I need to workout, run or mediate. All I can say is... YOU NEED TO EXPERIENCE THESE. You can thank me later. - CL
Carrie L.
verified buyer
verified stars
Snoring is GONE.
My wife has probably never been happier... It's a little sad honestly. These strips really made a huge difference for both of our sleep. I actually sleep through the entire night, and wake up without dry mouth, especially in the colder months. Thanks Respire!
Marchisio G.
verified buyer
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